Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh, the first entry

The pressure of the infamous first entry - to set the tone of the blog, to give the reader a hint of what is to come, to distinguish the new blog from the plethora of other blogs out there on the Internet - is such that I have procrastinated writing it for a very long time. I kept thinking that it had to be good; really special and memorable, in fact, and clearly, concisely focused.

Then I realized that, far better than being special and memorable, it should be existent. It can't be anything if I don't write it.

Furthermore, why should I have to pigeonhole the focus of the blog and cram it into a well-defined niche? Why not declare that this blog is to be about whatever I feel like at the moment, even if, at the moment, I feel like talking about how Kudos bars used to be my absolute favorite, and then they went and made them way smaller, and...

I just answered my own question.

This blog does have a focus, and it's not Kudos bars (though clearly I'd be more than willing to discuss my favorite chocolate snacks, if anyone else is so inclined). This blog is about Burlington, Vermont, where I have spent a major chunk of my life. It's also a bit about what it's like to be 27, female, and a scientist living here - simply because I can provide solid, first-hand knowledge of this point of view.

Recognize that there will be a good deal of personal opinion. I'll do my best to present facts, as well as anyone can nail them down, but at heart this blog will review the various entertainments and goings-on around town from my own personal point of view. Feel free to disagree, though keep in mind one other point: for the most part, my only hope with this blog is to draw attention to the attractions of Burlington that I personally enjoy. Maybe I can introduce you to a band or an art gallery that you've never heard of. Maybe I'll get you to try a local restaurant, or check out a concert or sporting event. Maybe I'll just tell you of my various personal disasters in this town, such that you'll be able to avoid the same. Who knows? The point is, I hope you won't get all bent out of shape over the topics I pick, or because you think that Kudos bars are better now than ever before. What I hope is that you'll be inspired to expand your haunts in Burlington, because its got a lot of good stuff to offer.



Blogger M said...

Hurrah for starting things! Also, if your letters are a reasonable template to go by, this blog is going to be awesome.

June 30, 2009 at 1:21 AM  

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